This page contains links to some of my writings on topics that interest me. Usually, they are inspired by problems that I experience in my day-to-day life.

I like pondering over the act or the process of doing something.

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[2022-05-08 Sun 18:28] Effortless Parallel Execution with xargs & Friends

Recently, I had to run Tensorflow Data Validation on over 500 public datasets from Kaggle to generate a baseline schema file for further analysis. I chose to do this using the xargs unix command.


[2022-03-04 Fri 22:48] There and Back Again A Tale of Website Management

After years of using orgmode along with the org-publish package to run my website, I came back to markdown, shell & vim.


[2022-03-03 Thu 02:22] Timestamps in the Shell (today)

I often work with text files containing pros (such as blog posts and git commit messages) and require adding a timestamp containing the current date, day & time.


[2022-03-02 Wed 16:16] Keeping Terminal & Vim Colors in Sync

When you are staring at text all day long, little things such as the colors of your terminal screen & text editor start to matter. There is vast information & knowledge on color theory but very few colorscheme authors take this into account.


[2022-02-28 Mon 03:27] Aru’s Information Management System (AIMS)

AIMS or Aru’s Information Management System is a collection of shellscripts to manage information in plaintext. It is inspired by org-mode, and tries to replicate a subset of its functionalities which I frequently use. AIMS is completely tuned towards my workflow as a researcher and how I manage my digital notes.


[2021-12-13 Mon 13:49] Reflections on Scientific Research

I have been working as a researcher for several months now and have been working towards my first publication for the past few weeks. I have a few points of reflection on the scientific process and what constitutes as a good researcher.


[2021-11-13 Sat 15:31] Computational Notebooks using Emacs & org-mode

I tried an experiment where I did data analysis in the terminal. I wrote a python module consisting of all the analysis code (where each method corresponds to a cell). I redirected the output to files/images and viewed the results using unix commands/vim. I wrote down my observations and interpretations of the results in a separate markdown file.


[2021-10-08 Fri 19:17] Ethics & AI

I attended the ICAI session on Ethics & AI. It was a really informative session which touched upon some very interesting and intriguing topics. In this article, I share some of my thoughts on the matter.


[2021-08-01 Sun 15:12] Vim vs. Emacs

After 5 years of using vim, I switched to emacs in 2021. In this article, I lay down some of my observations along with my rationale for ultimately switching back to vim.


[2021-06-16 Wed 01:03] Aru’s Org Capture Template (aocp.el)

After observing my workflow of managing bibliographic information in Emacs, I extracted the repeated actions into an Emacs package.


[2021-06-09 Wed 16:26] Scientific Paper Discovery

In this article I describe my process for discovering relevant and important papers in a new scientific field. Researchers need to read a lot to develop a deep understanding of their field of research and stay current on the latest developments.


[2021-06-03 Thu 17:25] Research Workflow

Here I outline a workflow which I have developed to handle the non-linear nature of scientific research. There are days when one reads several papers without making much sense of them. However, a single paper the next day can result in a clear picture of the domain. The workflow acknowledges the fact that there are many more failures rather than successes in research. However, a failure is still an outcome—and this is what helps us decide what to do next—so it should still be recorded.