Searching in Vim


Arumoy Shome


May 13, 2019

Various strategies for searching text within vim.

Customising the grep program

The grepprg and grepformat options allows us to specify a grep command and output format of out liking. I like to use ripgrep as an alternative to grep since it ignores dotfiles and binaries by default.

if executable('rg')
    set grepprg=rg\ --vimgrep\ --no-heading\ --smart-case
    set grepformat=%f:%l:%c:%m,%f:%l:%m

Tiny downside which bugs me with the above two solutions is that every search takes away focus from the active splits and shows the search results in a temporary buffer before populating the quickfix list.

Finally, the vim-fugitive plugin provides a :Ggrep <pattern> <glob> command which uses git-grep under the hood. The upside is that only files tracked by git are searched.

Personally, I like to keep external dependencies to a minimum. Since vim-fugitive is pretty much a must have, I prefer a combination of modifying the grepprg to ignore files and directories specified by wildignore and :Ggrep.

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