Docker commands


Arumoy Shome


January 31, 2024

Docker (docker) commands I frequently use.

Building a docker image

docker build -t foobarbaz .

Build an image using the Dockerfile in the current working directory, and tag it as foobarbaz.

Running arbitrary commands inside a container

docker run --rm -it -v "$(pwd):/app" --cpus 8.0 --memory 320000000000 foobarbaz ./bin/my-script.bash
  1. Run bin/my-script.bash inside a container created from the foobarbaz image.
  2. Remove the container automatically after the script finishes (with the --rm flag).
  3. Connect the current tty with the container (with the -it flags).
  4. And connect the current working directory with the /app directory inside the container (with the -v flag). This assumes that the WORKDIR has been set to /app in the Dockerfile.
  5. Restrict the number of cpus to 8 cores and and 32GB memory used by the container (using the --cpus and --memory flags respectively).


docker system prune --all

Removes all: 1. stopped containers 2. networks not used by at least 1 container 3. dangling images 4. dangling build caches

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