Arumoy Shome

I am a researcher at TU Delft, working towards my doctorate as part of the Software Engineering Research Group. My research interests lie at the intersection of Data Science, Software Engineering and Design. Here I am developing tools, techniques and best practises which allow us to build, test, deploy, scale and maintain modern software systems with Machine Learning (ML) components. While we must look to the micro to identify and understand a problem, I try to keep an eye towards the current era of big-data and large-scale ML as a long-term area of research. You can find a list of my publications here.

I completed my Msc. in Computer Science from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Universiteit van Amsterdam in the Netherlands, specializing in Big Data Engineering. As part of my thesis, I conducted interdisciplinary research with Nikhef and The Netherlands eScience Center to improve the data processing pipeline of the KM3NeT Neutrino Telescope using Graph Convolutional Neural Networks.

I obtained my Bachelor’s in The Applied Sciences from the University of Waterloo in Canada, specializing in System Design Engineering with an option in Entrepreneurship. Here, I learned to bring creative solutions to complex problems with multiple facets such as society, economics, environment and politics. I also learned how to nurture an idea at it’s inception, develop it using systems theory and successfully bring it to the market as a finished product.

My professional experience is two pronged. I have over 5 years of software development experience through professional web development positions at and small companies. I am also versed with driven, research oriented projects rooted in diverse topics such as Large Scale Data Engineering, Data Visualization and Artificial Intelligence.

I enjoy sharing knowledge and having discussions and am always happy to engage with other publicly. Sometimes, I write about my day-to-day challenges as a software engineering, data scientist & researcher.

All materials (excluding links to external websites or third party products) on this website are open sourced under the Creative Commons BY 4.0 license.

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